Problem with applying CSS

I’ve tried to apply CSS via page’s html and via Html element using text ID. Doesn’t work for me.

What element did you apply the id attribute of ‘scroll’ to?

What kind of an element is that? Is it a text element that you add ‘…edit me…’ or is an HTML element?

that is text

You need to add !important to override the default style. I doubt this will work though on text values.

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Alternatively, traverse the DOM completely and select the .content wrapper div which Bubble adds around text. No need for important in this case.
i.e. #scroll .content {}

I am struggling, because my styles don’t work inside a RG.

That happens only when my link does not include

A little confused by what you mean.
Can you provide a link with the RG present and a rundown on what styles you’re trying to apply?
I haven’t personally tried applying styles to anything in an RG, but a link will help test.

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