URL not wrapping within a text element

I’m displaying a script on a page and the URL is not wrapping to the next line as seen in the attached screenshot. Anyone know how I can keep the text within the box?

I’ve tried different BB codes, like [Code][/Code] but no luck.

@emmanuel can I use the ID Attribute and use CSS to correct this?

@tyler.edwin.smith please include a test app with the inserted code to see the issue

@neerja Here you go:

I was able to figure this out using the CSS Tools plugin.

First, you have to expose the ID attribute by clicking the following box in Settings > General

Then you have to install the plugin.

Then you need to place the CSS Tools element on your page.

Then edit the text element to add an ID attribute

And finally, add the Workflow to add the following Style tags to the Header.

The style tags are:

  #longurl {word-break: break-all;