Problem with Fuzzy Search


So I´m building a search function, and I want to use 2 distinct Fuzzy Search to display Data in a repeating Group. However I can´t get the second Fuzzy Search Box to work as the Data comes back as blank. Need some help


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To apply a search feature, I think the best approach is the steps below

1 - First, when you create a new thing in BD, normalize the fields that you want to search. In this step is necessary, apply lowercase and remove extras spaces

2 - Apply this result in a specific field, like searchfield

3 - When the user applies some text to search, you should use the same steps before. Normalize, lowercase and trimmed the text from input

This way you can search for any tables and fields from your DB.

I hope to help you

Hello @alex.tribenga,

Just to clarify, are you interested in developing a function similar to fuzzy search, or are you utilizing our Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete plugin?

If you’re using our plugin, could you please provide more details so we can offer better support and guidance?

Best regards :sunflower: