Problem with reciving access token from Google Calendar API

I’m facing a wall since few days in my app and i want to ask you Bubblers about it.
To the point. I was using Google API to create/delete events in google calendar. Before i use bubble api connector - user agent flow (for oAuth) and everything works well to the time it stops maybe week ago…
Then I decided to change it to self handled oAuth2.0 like my other APIs. I face and solve many problems with it and now i face the weirdest one.
When i try to exchange google code to acces and refresh token on my redirect page, the acces token api allways cath an error 400 (redirect uri mismatch) and it is no matter what i put in my Google Cloud Console authorized redirected uri…
(I used redirected_uri: https://
like this all my app was under this subbdomain. Now the weirdest thing.
When I use redirected_uri:
https:// (not for my app subdomain)
and i manualy use acces token API in bubble Api Connector or just add “app.” to final URL after redirect (just to make again the same redirect_uri as at the beginning) everything works well… I recive working access token and refresh token.
But now is my question Why it was happend and working this way? Why it works when i use don’t existing redirect url on my main domain and fire access token API manually and didn’t work when i use the real working bubble redirect page?
Ps. I have Google authorized domain set to “”, I cant type subdomain “” here becouse it only accept main domain. (I dont know if it could cause any problem here?)
Ps2. I tested many combinations of redirected_uri in both oAuth steps with many difrent Authorized redirected uri in Google Cloud Console…

I ask you Bubblers for any kond of help in this case.

I solved the problem just by Simple redirect on my domain server. I set Pernament 301 redirect from “” to “” (with the rest of query string params) and everything works perfectly.
Maybe it will help someone in the future.