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Problem with the research box


I have a little problem with the search box in my app.

I recently created a search test page with a search input and a button.

I used the code: “search for Item’s title” (with type = Item and title contains input search box’s value)

The problem is that the display is not so beautiful.

Title1 xxxxxx, Title2 xxxxx,
Title3 xxxxxx, Title4 xxxxxxxx
xxxx, Title5 xxxxxx,

The separations are not regular.

Is there any way to make it more beautiful ?

Thanks for the help.

Maybe a screenshot may help us help you ? Did you play with resizing the textbox, giving it a standard font etc ? Is it a repeating group (which could give different sizes for each cell if not done properly)

Thanks for you answer

Here you can see on le left side the link version and on the right just the text version

Here you can see the same result but in a repeating group

The ideal result that I woul like is that the 3 results appear each in a separated box and not to the 3 results in a box and repeated 3 times in total.

Also in the link of the first picture I have a problem with the workflow

The problem is with the data to send.

When i put current user, it does not work because the data in the destination page are type “Item”.

But when I try to do “search for Item” I can’t close the formula.

Each time I add a word the program ask me to add an other one etc…

If you know how to resolve this problem it would be very nice of you.

Thanks a lot anyway.