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I’m wondering if anyone can help me…

When using Searchbox element, is there a way for the search results to display something other than the “Field to Search”?

For example, I have a data thing called User which include User Name, User Email. E.g.

User1 Name

And when I search, I want the user to search using “”, but the result shown displayed on the app is “User 1 Name”.

Is there anyway to achieve that?

Hey Simon,
I doubt if we can do it with the bubble’s searchbox element. Instead you can build a custom searchbox by using an Input for entering the search query and repeating group placed in a group focus for showing matched results. You can filter the results by email and on the Repeating group you can show the Name of the results.


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You’ll have to build your own. I’d use a focus group that’s toggled when the inputs length is greater than 0

Stick the RG to the input

In the RG, an RG that uses the input as a query constraint against your users. Then you can display whatever part of the matched record that you’d like

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