App Plan issues

I purchased the personal plan subscription for an app I have been working on… I have been having issues with privacy and deleted several feilds I didn’t want to delete… I had a backup so I deleted the current project and restored using the old… I then noticed that in setings the plan is now “Hobby”… changing this to personal seems to indicate I will be charged again… I have another week on the plan.

Can that plan just be transfered over to my current app?

Maybe a little confusion here on my part, I assumed that plans were account wide, not just a single application… didn’t really think about it and only by chance that I noticed.

To confirm, Bubble’s plans are on a per app basis. (Ie. would have a different subscription than If you were to purchase a plan for “myfirstapp”, then you decide to delete it, there is no way to move that plan purchase to “secondapp”). (A long, long time ago, Bubble had account-wide plans. You may see passing references to “Legacy” plans on old posts that had a similar capability).

Within Bubble, fields are not permanently deleted (unless you use the cleanup tool, which I believe will delete them permanently). You can recover a deleted field by clicking the “show deleted fields” option (indicated n the screenshot).

Thank you for the reply, but yeah I used the clean up tool like a massive idiot… I figured I had a backup from just before so wasn’t worried!

Oh well, it’s only a week, i’ve emailed support to see if theres anything that can be done but not the end of the world (and will know for next time).

Also, pretty sure i’ve seen you from few of your comments/YT guides on bubble… Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you’ve found them useful and happy to help!

I’ve mentioned to support that the billing process can be a bit more clear for first-time users. Would be good to echo that to support with your recent experience.

I may have to make a video on billing in Bubble next :slight_smile:

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