Google Analytics Tracking Code issues

Tracking code is entered in GA plugin, but google cannot find my page. I’ve worked with GA a number of times , but can’t seem to get it to work with Bubble. I also added the code snippet as an html to each page in my app. Any suggestions? Am I missing something?

You shouldn’t add the code in your pages. Can you share a link?

Oh okay only added to try and solve the problem. Link to…?


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Just checked the page, GA is definitely installed (if you type ga in the console you see something). So might be a timing thing from GA, but it should be there.

I installed the GA plugin and added the tracking number, but i see this error in the console

I’m confused… You’re talking about GA but the error is from Segment.

Then I guess there are 2 problems:

  1. GA is not seen on the page when I view page source
  2. there is some error from Segment which I have no idea where it is coming from because I haven’t installed anything from segment.
    Another thing I see in console is this one:
    Use DISQUS.reset instead of reloading embed.js please. See
    Who can help me fix these issues?

All I did was install the plugin, get a new UA code by setting up a new project with my live website URL.

And that works.

I don’t see the GA code on view source, but on “Inspect element” under source I see Google Analytics, maybe you could look at that ?

  1. can you check if you google analytics is loaded? open the javascript console and type “ga.loaded” and press enter. It should say try. if not, paste a kink.
  2. it’s a question for segment
  3. it’s a warning, but nothing that breaks I think.

This is a screenshot of your app. You did add segment and didn’t enter the keys… Please double check.

i thought adding the plugin in the editor doesn’t automatically include it in the page. Should I remove other unused plugins to improve performance?

Yes, definitely!!

What did you think adding a plugin would do?..

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I think @levon should read book, “The Lean Startup”

I will Muhammad, thank you :slight_smile:


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