Product / T-shirt Customization

Hey bubblers

I am working on an online t-shirt printing shop. I want to have a product customizer like the one linked

I cant seem to figure out the right tools to use in bubble to make something similar. I want the users to be able to upload own svg files and add draggable text. Ive played around with the draggable elements plugin, but i has its limitations.
Does anyone have a good suggestion? The prices vary depending on the size of the print as well, so the dynamic size of the print should also work together with the database…

it seems me interesting. tell me more about this then i can help you.

I can advise to make different types of T-shirts with different size of print and it will be easier than other methods. I like to wear t-shirts with my personal prints and I make them only at because they are the best in this domain and they can make all my whims. You can take a look on their site and maybe you will find a good option for you. I like their site because is very simple in use and I can make an order in 5 minutes. So, this saves a lot of my time. Moreover, I have my t-shirt till the end of the day.

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