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Hello, I am in need of some help to understand how I would be able to display a page selected by the user as either page type A, or page type B. Page type being defined by the page user during sign up, where they would choose their profile page type as A or B.

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  1. Add a new field for the user called “is page type A?” yes/no. (In the data tab). Set its default value to yes.
  2. In the button “Sign Ups” workflow. After(!) you use the action of signing up the user, use “Make changes to thing: current user” page type A?" = no. and add an only when "the dropdown page type’s value is B.
  3. On your page with the page types A and B, have 2 groups. One for page type A and one for page type B. Have both invisible on page load and add the conditional: Only when current users page type? A= yes show group A (no = show group B)

Optional: If you plan on adding more page types; consider not using a data field with yes no but instead a number, as this gives you more options.
Then for step 2 you can use make changes to thing: current users page type= 1 only when dropdowns value is A. page type = 5 only when dropdowns value is E.

hope this helps,
feel free to pm me/ add me on discord @narathiel if you have another question.
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Thanks so much for the help! Unfortunately It still isn’t working despite following the tips. I tried to add you on discord for quicker contact but it says i need your 4 digits with your name to add you.

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