Updating User Profile Page to Page

Super excited to have discovered this platform. I have a lot of ideas I want to implement but right now I’m overwhelmed by the “blank canvas” before me.

I’m building a multi-page booking form. The form captures some basic info provided by my customers. I’ve created a data type called “Customer Profile”. The first page of my form collects the customer’s name and email address and creates a new “Customer Profiles” data type. The second page collects the customer’s street address. How do I add this new value to the “Customer Profile” data type from the previous page?

I’m thinking I would select current user, but I think that’s related to the default “User” data type. But I want a separate Customer Popfile, not user. Any thoughts or points in the right direction? Would really appreciate it.

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Hey, welcome to Bubble!

The best way to achieve this is to set the 2nd page’s type to be Customer Profile and sending the newly created profile (as data) to that page.

  • You can set the page type in the property editor for the page.
  • In the create new profile workflow, add a navigation action “Go to Page” > Select Page > Data to Send = “Result of Step [whichever action step created the new profile]”
  • Now the 2nd page will allow you to modify this profile’s data. For example, add an input element for street address, and you can auto-bind the value of that input to “Current Page’s Customer Profile’s Street Address”

Hope this helps!

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


Awesome, thanks so much. Had no idea that option existed.

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Hey there, Im wanting to do a similar action and wanted to see if you could help. What I have is once the user confirms their email, Im sending them to a confirmation page. On that page there is a button after Welcoming then to the app that says Lets Get Your Profile Setup, once clicked I want to step them thru the process of getting all the data we need added and added to their profile. I wanted to add that we have already created their profile via simple registration of email and password.

I’ve looked at the way you mentioned above but not sure if maybe the selections have changed but unable to find them. Thanks for the help in advance.