Profile update: Employment from date to present

Hi - I’m building an app that allows a user to create a profile that includes education and work history, similar to linkedin. The work history pop-up screen includes a start date and end date drop down.

Though an end date doesn’t make sense for a position that the user is currently in. Instead, I’d like the user to check that they are currently working in the role and the end date month and year auto populate to the current month and year. Further I’d like the profile page to regularly update to the current month and year going forward. Is this possible?

Both seem possible, the latter using scheduled API workflows each month. Your data may be a more meaningful match to reality if the end date is simply left empty. When populated it seems the app is indicating your user has just been fired!

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Thanks Eric. Leaving the end date empty makes sense. How do I build a scheduled API workflow - any helpful resources on that?


Searching turns up a bunch of resources on Scheduled API Workflows, from the free Bubble Reference to the paid Coaching No Code Apps API Tutorial by @romanmg

When you’re showing the profile’s end date - and it’s still marked as Current - you can use the “current date / time:formatted as MM YY” type thing at the bottom of the options…

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