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Can anybody help me with a problem I have?? theres 2 questions

My repeating group is set up with current cells user which is fine it has different profiles showing up as it should. the problem is when I set up workflow as go to “profile” current cells user it always takes me to the same logged in in profile??

Second question?
How do I have a public user/ non member(no log in) be able to view a profile they have clicked on like Facebook.
So its not able to be edited just viewed only.

Any help would be great.

I am using free bubble at the moment so let me know if these problems can be fixed with the paid version also…

You should be using the send data function when you click the users profile.

As for the non user view only you’ll need two separate groups, one displaying for logged in users, one displayed for non logged in users and you can change that one accordingly.

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Thank you but your going to have to elaborate a little bit more please??
both answers if you could.


Sure! Could you start by taking a picture of your database and how the users and the profile relate to each other? It would be a lot easier for me to describe then.

The users have to be logged in and then they can edit their profiles, that is there relation.
there then is non members (visitors to the page) who can or should be able to view any users profile by clicking on the repeating groups photo(image) or current cells username. Theoretically that should allow the page visiter to be directed to the profile of that user so they are able to view it in full, just like Facebook.

My database only consists of things with in the profile that is editable such as, location, name,photo albums etc… there’s nothing in my privacy settings. Under custom data types, I only have a user field, hence the above.

my trouble is…no matter what profile in the repeating group you click on, you are always directed to the logged in users profile not that of the current cell user? what makes it worse is that profile is able to be edited…

Ill send pics of my database tomorrow if you still need to see it, I’m having trouble with camera

Thank you for your assistance with this problem I’m having, I really appreciate it.

I got the uneditable profile page going …now its just trying to have the right profile show up once its clicked on inside the repeating group.

That is where you would use the “send data” function under element actions. You’ll be able to send the data from the user in the repeating group that’s being clicked to the group displaying the profile.

can I get a screenshot of that please, if thats ok. I just need this one thing going and to me thats massive progress right now I just cant find the send data function under element actions all im seeing is display data. and the only options available are the hidden groups on that repeating groups page which is no good to me.

Hi !did you get a solution to this problem. I am facing the same problem . Can you help please ?

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