Progressive Web App support for Bubble

It would be great if Bubble had progressive web app support. Native apps are going out of vogue and PWAs are an extremely convenient alternative. Please consider adding PWA support to Bubble.

In the meantime, is there any way that I can add PWA functionality to Bubble apps? If there is, then please let me know



I would love this as well. I’ve been able to make progress on quite a bit of it. Never fully got the manifest.js working but found ways to do almost everything except full cacheing. What else were you looking for in a PWA?

The biggest draw of PWAs for me is their loading speeds. They are way faster than regular web apps. Notifications and home screen icon are also great to have. I am not too concerned about offline functionality. But speed and notifications are something that I find to be important features.

@emmanuel, please try to implement PWA support. I am sure it would be far easier to implement than full-fledged native support. No one needs native apps anymore. PWAs will rule the game.

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would love this . PWA’s are the future for mobile

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support for thie +1