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Convert Bubble apps into Progressive Web Apps

Hi Bubblers !

After struggling a lot, my team just found a fast way to transform our Bubble Apps into fully functional Progressive Web Apps :smile:

There are many advantages to use Progressive Web Apps instead of traditional WebApps :

  • PWA combines the UX of a native app with the benefits of the mobile web

  • PWA works offline

  • Loading time of PWA is at least 2-3x faster compared to responsive app

  • Browsing with PWA is seamless. This causes a huge increase in conversion rates

  • With faster loading time, PWA reduces server load.

Try it on your Mobile :

Right now, 1-click install only works on Android OS. With iOS devices, you need to add manually the app to your home screen but it is still badly supported.

What do you think of it?

If you are also interested in converting your Bubble WebApp into Progressive Web App, reach us at [email protected].


Just test it and it install perfectly. Very simple
Can you make a better demo that show how this work with data (offline support…)?

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Do you have a hack or workaround d for iOS push notifications
Does it support android push?

Hi, no it doesn’t work with native push notifications but it does with Web notifications, so you can use it with OneSignal anyway.

Seconded. Would like to see this…

Has there been any progress on making Bubble web apps PWA compliant. I understand the above one click process works for android but not iOS. Has anyone figured out how to get a PWA to work on iOS. I know it is possible to do, as my adalo apps are all PWA capable and elegantly copy to the Homescreen with a nice icon. But I have tried on and off, for months, to do build an iOS capable PWA for different apps in Bubble and nothing seems to work.

Any help would be great.


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