Pros and cons of wrapping a website to mobile app


I want to make an mobile app with bubble. But because bubble supports only websites, i have to wrap it so it is downloadable on App store and Playstore. So i just wanted to know what the downsides of a wrapped app would be, if there are any downsides ofcourse

Done it a few times. There were fewer downsides than I imagined actually - assuming you still do some work during the wrapping process to tap into native features. You can make it a sort of hybrid solution. I guess the main downside is that it’s only available online. Also, it can be tricky navigating app store approval. But the fact that you don’t have to rebuild to make updates is pretty a pretty big positive.

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What are the advantages of mobile apps?

  • Extensive capabilities . Even though the IT industry is advancing rapidly, traditional mobile applications are still the best way to provide users with the desired functionality and provide them with a good level of convenience in usage.
  • User experience . Being initially designed to fit the specific device and OS environment, they make navigation and, respectively, usage much easier with the help of gestures as well as native UI elements.
  • Offline access .
    Maybe it will be helpful for someone.