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PSA: Safari 13 - breaking iframes due to "cross-site tracking" disabled

Recently some of our iframes were breaking in clients’ websites.

These were bubble pages built into their sites using an iframe. They have been working fine for a long time.

They stopped working for Safari users on desktop and mobile. There’s a setting in Safari that’s comes pre-checked now, “Prevent cross-site tracking”. That breaks iframes that are hosted outside of the website’s domain if they utilize workflows in many cases.

I encourage anybody utilizing iframes out in the wild to run a full pass using Safari on desktop/mobile and double-check that your iframes still work.

In my case, I enabled the GDPR-compliance setting found in bubble’s settings and it fixed the issue. Most iframes (at least the ones I create) don’t require a user to log in, etc. Just fill out a form and submit. Enabling the GDPR removes bubble’s reliance on cookies for processing workflows and should fix your iframe on Safari.

Huge shoutout to Jeff Thill from Team Bubble for pointing me in the right direction. I hope this helps somebody else!

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Where exactly is this?

If anyone interested in the future just uncheck “Do not set cookies on new visitors by default”
Then your iFrame will work even with the Safari Prevent Cross-site tracking checked