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Change a "Public" app to a "Private" app

Hi Bubblers,
I have two questions regarding Public and Private app status.

  1. Where can you see whether an app is Public or Private? I have a 3 apps with similar names and I want to check which one is Private and which one is Public.
  2. And related to the above: Is there a way to change a public app to be a private app and vice versa? Or can I only do that by copying the app and then making it private?

On my account I can only have 2 private apps (which is all I need) but I want to make sure I know which one is private.

Thanks for your help!


  1. you can see this is settings -> general.
  2. Yes, at the same place :slight_smile:

Oh dear…of course, yes!
Thank you Emmanuel. Should have thought of that.

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Hello , I’m trying to change my “Private” app to “Public”

I went to settings -> general , but there was no option to make a current Private app, Public. From what I could tell.

Am I missing something? Or is converting a existing “Private” app to “Public” not possible?

It is possible. Can you share a link to the editor?