Pulling a dynamic URL into a workflow from another page

My app is a job board which works like this:

  • Repeating group displays jobs. This links to a
  • Job page with job description etc. The URL of this page is dynamic based on the selected job
  • When a user submits a job, it comes through to a dashboard where I can approve the job

In the workflow of the dashboard, when I approve a job, I would like Bubble to send an email that includes the URL of the job page, so that user’s can then view the job. However, I can’t work out how to pull this URL through since these pages are not connected to the workflow of my dashboard page.

Any ideas how this could work?


Do “Current cell’s job’s link (choose Job page)” and that dynamic expression will generate the full link to the job page for that specific record. I.e. it’ll add the unique ID to [domain.com/job-page] for you. This even inserts version-test for you if you’re doing this in the development environment!

This also assumes that your Job page is set to type Job.


Perfect! Thanks so much :pray:

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