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Pulling Data to an edit page where some information is from 3rd Data Type

I’m new to Bubble, and trying to work my way through it. Luckily I’m starting with a massive app. haha. I will do my best to explain and attach an image that will hopefully help.

Goal: Making an app that can handle our animation member group. Currently working on the Events feature, and specifically on the Events-Edit page.

If you’re an Admin an edit button appears on the Event page which you can click to take you to the Event-edit page, and send the data of the event.

I’ve mapped all the inputs to have the initial content to be of the Current Page Event. I have this all working well.

Some of the data is pulled from another Data Type called “People_Involved”. I’m doing it this way because I’m also creating a point system that gives people points for participating in our events and other activities, so it needs to be separate to work with things other than events.

I can’t seem to get it to work where the page will load the people in the current event, and be able to add and remove new people.

I’ve tried creating a State(still trying to figure them out), and then set the RG’s fields to add any newly added participants to when the “Add Participants” button is pressed.

So Data Source for RG was Information pulled from Current Event Page merged with the State.

This looked to be working, but noticed I was unable to edit or remove any of the ones pulled into from the Current Page. I think I need to try and pull those into the State? But then I wonder if I pull them in only on the state if it will delete them from the People_Involved Data.

I’m stuck on how to bring these people into the Event-Edit page, and then how to handle the workflow to save them once editing is done.

Hello and thanks for posting! For this scenario, you might consider connecting the Event and People_Involved data types. An example of this would be an “Event” data type with a field “people” which is a list of type “People_Involved”. Connecting these data types would allow you to reference one data type from within another. The “Connecting Types” section of the user manual provides additional details on this topic. Please also feel free to reach out to Bubble Support to have your specific use case and app setup reviewed for suggestions!

Thank you Rachel, I do have a People_Involved type in the Events Data type as well, but moved away from that since I could not get that to work either. I’m sure it’s something simple, and I’m just not understanding the concepts.

If I change the repeating group source to look at the “Events: People_Involved” I get a warning that the RG is set to Events, but I’m looking up a Data Type of People_Involved. So I change the RG’s source to People_involved, and I feel like I’m back to where I started.

I feel like the concept is simple of what I want to do, but can’t figure it out.

  • Clicking an edit button from event page, will take the list of People_involved and add it to a State on the edit-event page, so they show up in the edit area where I can change their role with a dropdown, add additional people or remove them. All working from the State incase the person hits cancel on the edit so it stays as is.

  • Once I have this list and hit save it needs to update the existing People_Involved’s role(if it changed), remove anyone who was deleted, and add any new people. I guess it could also just delete all the people in the People_ivolved for this event, and then add whatever is in the State.

I’m not sure why I’m having a hard time with this.

Another thing I’m realizing which is causing issues. The state is setup as a People_involved, but my search input I’m using to add new People_involved to the State is for users Data type, since I want to search all users to add them. This causes a problem since when I click the add the person in the search I can’t set the State with a user, since it’s looking for a Person_Involved.

I tried changing the state to users, but then when I’m sending the people from the page I’m editing they no longer show up.

I do have a People(user) field on the People_involved Data Type, but I don’t have a link back to People_involved from the user Data Type. From what I read in the link you sent it seems I don’t have to do that.

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