Display a specific data type from the database after button is clicked

I am very new to bubble and trying to make a mockup for a university project.

The setup:
My app should let users create outdoor events and let other users attend them, kind of like the event function on Facebook.
I have already created several pages: Create event, preview event, edit event, show event. If the user submitted their event successfully, the “show event” page will load, where they can see what they created.
Also, I have created a list of the created events for other users to have a look at.
The idea is, that I have a button “Show event” next to every list entry so that other users can view the already created events.
Also, a nice to have would be an “attend button” on the “show event” page.

My big problem: I don’t know how to display the specific dynamic data on the “show event” page, when a user has clicked a certain list entry from the list page.

So far, when doing the create process, I’ve used “do a search for: event’s last item: xyz” for my entries. (I called the data type “event” and it has things such as title, location, date& time, description etc.)
Using the “last item” search element works during the create process, but doesn’t work anymore when using the list entries.

I hope I described the problem well enough and one of you bubble experts can help me :slight_smile:

Hi there, @1453osmanli… if I understand your post correctly, you don’t want to be doing a search to get the selected event on the “show event” page. I’m sure you are showing the events in a repeating group, so what you described should be as simple as 1) setting the type of content of the “show event” page to your event data type and 2) sending the Current cell's event to the “show event” page as part of the Go to page… action in the workflow associated with a user clicking an event on the list page. At that point, you would have access to the selected event’s details on the “show event” page, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


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