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Push Notifications for mobile apps - is it supported?

I am looking at creating a mobile app and Push Notifications is a critical element, I would like to confirm if Push Notifications are supported? if not, is there a workable alternative solution to Push Notifications?

thank you


Not yet, that will be part of our mobile push in 2016. In the meantime, you can send emails or text messages with Twilio (using blockspring or zappier).

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Thank you for your prompt response - I’m looking forward to your direction towards mobile in 2016. :smile:

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Not it is 2016 Q2, any ETA of push notification feature? Thank you very much!

No not yet :confused:

Nearing the end of 2016, any update on this? Looking forward to push integration.


Beginning of 2017. Any updates? :grin:

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Hey @emasl,

I suppose this is a good time to mention that CoBubble will be releasing a mobile app course for Bubblers that focuses heavily on the implementation, customization and behavior of push notifications. We worked hard with two key service providers to get this functionality to work so I’m personally excited to share it with the Bubble community. We know this feature will help a ton of Bubblers, including yourself, so get pumped! :slight_smile:


Cool, keep us posted Salar


bump. any update on the push notification?

Guys, you can just use One Signal. I’ve got it working on an app. You need to create a registration service using a Bubble API workflow and build in the OneSignal SDK (xcode, cordova, etc…they have instructions for almost any platform in their documentation).

It’s not an easy plug-and-play, but it works well once you get it and the learning process for setting up push certificates, etc. is well worth it.

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hey @supernaturally I was wondering if you’re able to describe the steps you took in more detail to get this working?

that you would be really helpful.


Edit: …furthermore, I assume that what you’ve implemented are ‘true’ mobile notifications when the device is in stand-by mode (app not running)?

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Correct, it uses One Signal and works without the app being opened (icon badges, lock screen notifications, etc.).

If I had more time in my life, I’d do a write up right now. Unfortunately, my business has the better of me at the moment, when I have some more time I will post (promise I’ll ‘open source’ it as well…I’m sure there will be an onslaught of fee-based plugins around push notifications). I will say, you ideally have ‘some’ knowledge of programming concepts and are likely playing around with various frameworks (ionic, electron, Cordova, etc) already. I’d be surprised if the guys at DropSource don’t add a Onesignal integration soon (Gonative does it…if you have $700, you’ll save a ton of time using their wrapper). If you need something more custom (or “cheaper”), you’re probably better off posting your progress in a thread here or going through the Stackoverflow forums. You can even find someone on Upwork to do a Cordova build that has Onesignal integration for less than Gonative (I have utilized a number of good contractors via Upwork, as long as you have a detailed spec, you should be fine). If you’re trying learn: best would be to start with Onesignal documentation using your framework of choice and go through their instructions. Even when you have the SDK integrated, you have create APNS certificates, etc. and that takes some time to learn (easy, but you’ll need to google a walk through and go through the learning curve). It was defintely work to get Onesignal functional, but when it does end up working…it’s like magic.

In retrospect, I would purchase a Gonative license or have a more experienced Upwork contractor deliver a build, especially if time is of the essence. I may go this route anyway for the production version to ensure a stable experience.

Unrelated: I’m not sure if this is due to the fact that I’m not on a dedicated plan yet, but the ‘app speed’ (page loading and content loading) is painstakingly slow. Has anyone else experienced this issue but resolve it through using a dedicated instance?

We`re hoping to get to this issue soon.

If anyone is interested in bankrolling parts of it, it would certainly make the process a bit faster as we could focus more on the coordination of such.

I am interested and taking care of the Onesignal notification pushing on Bubble, as I have most of it done from my previous plugin. All I need is it to integrate into Phonegap and be able to send the Bubble API the OneSignal Player ID of the user. from Phonegap to Bubble.

Hi codurly, any progress on this? I´m currently in doubt whether to go with a GoNative licence which is a bit to expensive for my liking, or find a workaround with Phonegap etc.

Is one signal working for mobile apps?

Yes it is. Please check this tutorial that I made.

is mobile push still on track? we’re Q2 2019 now :sweat_smile:

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