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PWA with bubble

Hello community,

I was wondering how I can create a PWA with bubble?

Or is a PWA basically just a website built for use on mobile devices? But how do I get the download-feature (that users can download my PWA and have it on their phones like a native app, without the browser tab)

Thank you!

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also interested in this.

Me too. Very interested. Some kind of example or tutorial would be great

Interested also. :grin:

Search for Jasonelle.

You can use pwabuilder.

You can build almost your entire native app in Bubble / Jasonelle:

Now with Jasonelle…

  1. What kind of code do you need to learn?
  2. How easy is it to make a website into a PWA?
  3. Do I have to fix every single feature that I have on my size based on all the different phone sizes or does Jasonelle automatically take care of it?
  4. What is the cost?
  5. How long does it take to convert a website into a PWA?
  6. Example apps?


Google is your best friend.