🟦 [PWA Mobile apps] Get your Bubble PWA app in 24 hours

Hello fellow Bubblers!

[TL;DR] Following the high demand we faced in the past weeks, we decided to launch a Bubble app to PWA converter service.

Back to ABER app
4 months ago, we were excited to release our Uber minimalist copycat demo to push Bubble PWA mobile development a bit further.


Did you miss it? :arrow_right: Try it now

Wait? What is exactly a PWA?
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) bring native mobile experience through the web. PWAs behave almost entirely like a native application on your smartphone and have many benefits:

  • PWAs are easily installable (1-click with Android devices), making it accessible from the home screen just like any other application. This is extremely beneficial for start-ups or companies looking to save on the cost of developing and maintaining a native mobile application for both Android and iOS. Additionally a membership for the Apple Developer Program will not be needed.
  • Manual app updates and maintenance are a thing in the past with PWAs. Since the applications are served by a web browser, there is no need to update the application manually through an app store or to activate a setting to update the application automatically.
  • PWAs are small in size compared to their native counterparts. PWAs allow users to seamlessly add them to their home screen, and since the size of the application is minimal, there is no waiting time for the user to start/continue using a PWA.
  • PWAs are great for SEO and bring more independence from application stores (risk of ban, high commissions for in-app payments…).

You can find our full Medium article which covers some great PWA features we implemented on Bubble for the Aber app: We’ve cracked Bubble Mobile Apps Development — Introducing Aber, a realistic copycat built in days with Bubble | by Thomas Groc | Cube Insider | Medium

Get your Bubble PWA without hassle
Today, we are introducing our new service to convert any Bubble app into PWA in 24 hours.

How do you convert your Bubble app into PWA?
• Send an inquiry to pwa@cubeapps.co
• Our team will get in touch with you to explain the process
• In 24 hours, we convert your app into a fully functional installable app (PWA)

How much does it cost?
We are launching this new offer at $199 incl. taxes for the first 20 requests (instead of $299).


Arthur from Cube


I send you a request ! :heart_eyes:

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Is there anything that is needed to be known about how this works prior to beginning the development of our applications in Bubble?

For instance, does it work just the same for single page as multipage applications?

Just looking for any potential roadblocks to turning any Bubble built app into a PWA, so that could begin development with them in mind.

Hey @boston85719 we are currently thinking about writing a quick guide on the best practices to adopt to get the best user experience as a PWA.

In the meantime these are the main points you should focus on :

  • Develop single page apps if you want a smooth UX.

  • Make sure your app is responsive (to adjust to the vast range of devices). Create a mobile-first experience : for instance, start with 380px and let the design expands along with the page width.

  • Optimize the size of your assets, especially images and/or videos.




Does it really need to have a starting point of 380px or is it more focused on having it responsive? Personally, I build responsive apps but my page is 1200px and I ensure all elements are able to contract for a great mobile view.

Of course you can build a desktop first app and make it responsive for lower size screens but the idea of building from a smaller screen is to enhance the mobile experience.

There is often a noticeable difference between both user experiences (one being better than the other) when you build on the same page. Usually, people who are looking for PWAs want to make a great mobile UX, that’s why I suggest building this kind of app for small screens first.

However if you think that your mobile UX is fine on your app, there is no counter-argument to use 1200px.

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Amazing work Arthur! You’re on another level


Nice work !

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Cube team rocks! Aber PWA is very well executed, congrats on the new service created

Is the service working?

Yes sure, here is the direct link to make a request :



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Could this app support thousand of active user and how many capacity i need for this?

Hi @hmduc1603 ,

Our service doesn’t impact Bubble capacities. Whether your application handles ten or thousands of users will mainly depend on how you built it and the Bubble plan you subscribed to.

Very quick service, and being able to “install” on mobile is awesome. How is that we can push notifications / explore further the advantages of a PWA versus regular apps?


Thanks for the feedback !

At the moment, advanced features that are extremely specific for each application have not been developed by our team. However we are eager to listen to feature requests, and specific use cases :slight_smile:

Concerning push notifications, they are unfortunately not supported by Apple yet but our team is willing to integrate them as soon as they are.

Hi Arthur, thanks and also thank you for the feedback through email.

Are you planning to support this “offline” mode somehow on Bubble? I think Chrome is changing the criteria for instalability and starting August 2021, PWAs without an offline mode will not be instalable anymore (source: Improving Progressive Web App offline support detection - Chrome Developers)

I know this guy got taken down for advertising and Im not trying to promote this anymore. But “Progressier” works very well. It has its own section for bubble apps. So if you were still looking into this I think you should try it.

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Hi, can I publish your application on the AppsGag website…

@floraolivia no, you can’t download the PWA from outside the original website since there is no app file like native apps. However they can be listed on any PWA store (eg pwastore.com)

You mentioned it was only 1 click for Android devices… what about IOS?
I have read in several forums that end users on IOS devices still had to manually add the website to their home screen.