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QQ: Is this a thing? If so, how do you do it?

(Let me know if this is not a database thing, it seems like it would be)
Let’s use a company like Reddit as an example or Quora. Can you do this/if so how?

  1. User can create a category/Subreddit
  2. When that category is created, a (repeating group?) is created that other people can add posts to.

Ex. User signs up → User creates the category “No-coding” → Other users will see a menu category called “No-coding” and they can add content to that category (Posts)

If that’s possible on Bubble could someone explain how?

Yes it is possible to do in Bubble.

First get your database setup to have the data type of Question and a data type of Response.

Second on the Response data type have it contain a related field to the Question data type.

Setup the workflows to have a user create a post like a Question in Quora which would be creating a new Question in your DB.

Then have a page with all the necessary elements such as a repeating group, inputs, buttons etc. etc. for letting users upload replies. Make sure the workflows are setup properly as well to relate the replies to the Question.

I’m more so trying to understand the creation of categories, not questions. How can they add categories (think Subreddits) with their own communities.