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[SOLVED] How to search for a date within the past 30 days?

I am trying to do a search for a Thing that’s Created Date is within the past 30 days (from today’s date). I have tried: Created Date > Todays Date - 30 , but your can’t do - 30 days. You also can’t do: Created Date > Created Date + 30 days. Any ideas?

Hi, the way to do it is 'Created date > Current date/time +(days): -30.

Once you put in the ‘Created date > Current date/time +(days):’ you can get an option to type in a number. Type in the minus sign yourself (-) and then the number.

I’ve attached a screenshot of how I did it:

A few of the details are different (Modified vs Created, 14 vs 30) but the method’s identical.



Thank you! Worked perfectly. I didn’t realize you could put -30 after +(days):

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No problem! Maybe we could mark the title as ‘solved’.


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As a follow up to this I am trying to use a dynamic ‘input’s value’ instead of a fixed number for the date range here.

Picture attached:

The problem is that for whatever reason I cannot use the ‘-’ here. Each time I enter it, it disappears and reverts to what you see in the picture (no ‘-’).

Either by entering options for Current date/time -(days), or by fixing whatever is preventing me from using a ‘-’ in connection with the +days method?


You can use a custom state to multiply the number by -1. Be creative :slight_smile:


Another option is to subtract the number from itself twice in the expression. 2-2-2=-2

Either method works well.


Hey did you figure this out?! I saw their replys and didn’t think they were very helpful.