Question about floating group

Hi Forum! I am currently using 2 separate floating groups wich each it 's own design & functions.

But, now when I am testing it it looks very good on mobile (So it it responsive), but on desktop I only see the bar very tight (the orange stripe).

Any idea?

Here is the editor link.

jona, you aren’t providing any specifics on what the issue is and it makes it difficult to understand what should be happening and what’s not happening properly?

Hi Jacob,
Thanks for the fast reaction. Please see preview mode for the issuue.

The floating bar’s are only slightly visible on desktop. On mobile i see this:

But on desktop i dont see the bar.

If you’re talking about the orange floating group at the bottom of the page, I think it’s just hidden by the debugger… (it’s there when you turn the debugger off):

Remove debugger……

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