Question about Stripe!

So i am making a webshop where you can buy roblox items.
My costumers asked me a quistion but i really dont know because i am not familiar with Paypal like at all. So this is what he asked:
How much % fee is on the paypal purchases?
Please help!

Are you using paypal or Stripe?



Then I would just reiterate to your customer that you don’t process payments with PayPal. And the Stripe fee starts at 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction and goes north of there for ever feature you add. If it’s the case where he’s the merchant and you’re just the marketplace owner, then the fee would be the application fee you’ve come up with to charge him per transaction.

Unless I am misunderstanding.


And what if i use Paypall?

@judavanzanden2010 I believe it’s 3.49% + a fixed fee