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Bubble to Mobile App + Desktop App Structure Question

I’m new to the Bubble world an have been self-teaching and working for the past few weeks on a fairly complex first build. As I start on the next component of my build, I was hoping someone that has experiencing converting Bubble apps to a publishable Android/Apple app could answer a question for me so that I don’t structure this completely wrong and have to rebuild it…

What is it? I am building a marketplace and booking platform for service professionals. There are 3 main components to this…

1st is the CRM/business management platform that I have been working on for weeks. This will send user data to an administrative person that has to do a variety of tasks for before someone serves the customer (like coordinate/order parts, etc). The CRM is designed for someone to use from a standard computer screen/laptop/etc.

The 2nd component is a customer app. This is something that I want to have a completely moibile UI and be published to app stores. 3rd is a mobile app for the service professional that I want published as a separate app to app stores.

It is all interacting with the same data, so the way I was hoping to build this is for it to all actually be in the same Bubble app, and I would just have different pages/folders/sections for the mobile apps that interact with the app data.

My question is… Is it possible to structure it this way and publish only components of the total app to the app store under separate apps? Or, do I need to build 3 different bubble apps to accomplish this and link them all together to use the same data? Also, any recommendations you have on the best platform to use to convert it to a mobile app would be appreciated as I have not started on that part of the learning journey yet.

Thanks for reading!

Hello, @aaron.farrell1

You do not need to make seperate apps you just need to have it set out correctly, And make sure you have the correct plugin installed for the phone menu or just simply make your own up :smiley:

– Jeff

Hello Aaron Farrell ( @aaron.farrell1 ), I am trying to build a similar platform, Can I know how you’ve made progress and formed structure with this project. I would love to connect with you via mail ([email protected]) or any other platform. It would be of great help, Thank you