Question Regarding a Dropdown when Editing a Product

Hello. A question please.

I created a popup to edit a product. In the popup, there are a few text box inputs, and 2 dropdown inputs.

For the text boxes, I have set them to “Initial Content”, and set where the dynamic data comes from. However, for the dropdowns, there is no such “intital content” option. I can make the placeholder dynamic, but that doesnt help. What happens when I try to save the edit, is that the boxes with the dropdowns light up red because they must have data.

Help please with how to create set the initial content for the dropdowns.

Hi there, @givtocharity… for dropdowns, you set the initial content by putting an expression in the Default value field on the dropdown’s properties editor.


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Thanks so much Mike. It worked. :+1: Initial & default are the same

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