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Editing data in a popup

I’m wanting to display a popup that enables me to edit data/add data. Following a tutorial it says to set the initial content. I can do this in some input forms (such as a standard input in the photo below), but others the option is not available. How do you get the initial content to show on input forms such as dropdown, multi-dropdown, picture uploader etc?

Hello @miss.k.owen


This one could be helpful as well

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Hi there, @miss.k.owen… if I understand your question correctly, you won’t find an Initial content field on some elements. Instead, you will use the Default value field on those elements to set an initial value. Is that what you are asking?


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Yes that was what I was asking, thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hummmm it still doesn’t display the authors, but that’s probably because it links to a different data source (Authors) and is multiple entries, so is more complicated.

Are you able to set the default value to Parent group's Book's Author's Display name (i.e., getting rid of each item's)?

Thank you Mike, no I can’t - :each item’s… is the only option given, other than the usual count, contains, doesn’t contain etc.

I’m sure it must be something to do with ‘Authors’ being a ‘list of Authors’ in Data type ‘Books’.

I’ve tried changing Type of choices to ‘Book’ Seeing as that’s the Group type but it still gives the same options.


The over-all aim is to be able to click on an edit button on a line of the repeating group, have an ‘edit book’ popup which displays all the book’s current info, and then be able to edit the data within that (add another Author, or update the main photo etc) & save changes. It must be possible, but the tutorials I’ve found so far, such as the above, are more basic.

Oh, wait… I should have realized that element is a multidropdown. I think the issue is that you haven’t filled in the Option caption field, so the dropdown doesn’t know what to display. Want to give that a shot?

:grin: Same problem.

I think maybe it’s because I have different groups within my repeating group and it’s not allowing me certain options because the popup is looking for parent groups data rather than current cells data?

my repeating group is search for books:

Then I have a Group that the type of content is Book and the data source is current cell’s Books:

But then I have another group within that which is type of content Books, with data source ‘Parent group’s Book’:

So I can’t get the “current cell’s Book” data to come up because it’s pointed at the “Parent cell’s Book” data and looking for more arguments so it can display the data? Maybe I need to get it to point to current cell’s data and then it will work… maybe :weary:

I tried a different route and tried to set up a workflow from the edit icon on the repeating group to send the data from the repeating group to the pop-up in the first instance, but again, I should be able to select ‘current cell’s book’ and I can only chose either Parent group’s Book, or Current cell’s index:

If you want to shoot me a link (privately) to your editor, I’m sure we can get it sorted out.

Oh, thank you!! That would be really appreciated - I’m getting in a muddle here.

Have just reverted back to my last save point before I added the edit pop-up, to discard any unintentional changes, so will quickly create a new edit pop up then ping you a DM :grinning:

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