Question regarding building of an App

Hi, I have a requirement for app building and wanted to know if it is possible to do so using Bubble.

The app basically involves creating different forms/ questionnaires for a number of different products. The admin should have a form builder feature where they can drag and drop the items needed for a certain form. This is because each form will have different questions that need to be answered.

For the users who are going to fill out this form, it will require input from multiple users and teams. Essentially, the users will collaborate and will be submitting responses in the form at the same time. This is similar to how we work on Word, Excel files online. When a response is entered by another user in a certain field, it should display “Mark updated this field at 10:12AM, April 20.” There should also be an option to go back to a previously submitted response.

Can anyone help and tell me if this can be done?

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