Question regarding looks of repeating group

I had a question if I should run this setup for Repeating groups

or if I should run a single repeating group and just space the wording out

Single repeating group with multiple text boxes.

Unfortunately I cant get the multiple text boxes to line up properly so I used one text box, if you have any advice to get it to line up properly that would be appreciated because in edit mode I have them in a certain spot which should look like

which is how screenshot 2 is setup but instead their all over the place like these two screen shots

That is because the content of your first box is over its size.
Try increasing its width.
Also, it might be a good idea to check the “cut off content if not tall enough” check box of that text element. You might need to do it for other text elements too, otherwise if the content is larger than the element size it will break your alignment.


Never thought it would be because of the content cut off, because I run the same height text elements unless their bigger or smaller than front size 14, I will increase the width first and see if that does it, if not I will try increasing height

Update: That didn’t work it still does the same thing, I know text is long enough because it will never hit the end of the text and height is definitely big enough but it did seem like one text box was a issue which messed them all up and I didn’t realize it

You will need to check yuor responsiveness then.
That can be a little trickier.
Have a look at the tutorials.
I still have the feeling that the first box is breaking some of it as the “am” shows bellow the rest of the date.

That’s what I thought but it was one of the amounts I just moved some stuff which broke it again, once I fix it again I will send a screenshot again and which one it was

It was Amount some how it got overlapped on amount paid