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I need to understand how updates work in bubble. question: if I update the bubble version of my app - can I revert if I find a bug? I have made save points etc before - but do these include the bubble version or just the content. How risky is the update of the bubble version? Can anyone advise please?


Looks like this is possible now in Enterprise plan New Feature for Dedicated! (Rollback)

@alan.thomas111997 The terminology gets confusing but it’s best to think about it as “Bubble updates” and “Bubble versions”:

“Bubble updates” get rolled out continuously to everyone on the main cluster and users have no control over receiving them (unless you’re on a dedicated server, what my post you linked to was about). Bubble updates affect both dev and live versions immediately when received.

“Bubble versions” are made as a courtesy by the Bubble development team when there is a potential for breaking changes with an update. Users on any plan can control when they receive these (I think) and they only affect the dev version of your app; they will not affect the live version until you deploy to live.

To answer the original poster’s question, you typically have a week after updating your “Bubble version” before it becomes permanent. You can revert to your prior version up to then. Here’s the documentation for it: https://manual.bubble.io/core-resources/application-settings/versions#available-bubble-engine-versions-and-current-version

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