Need Help Restoring to Save Point & Syncing

So, I created a savepoint before making some updates to my platform. After deploying the updated site live, I didn’t like the changes I made; so I decided to revert to the savepoint version. However, each time I try to go live with it, Bubble is requiring me to “sync” it with the live version because it says that the development version is “behind” the live. When I follow the prompt and synch it, all the updates that I’m trying to undo (the very reason why I’m trying to restore to the savepoint), is included in the live version. I don’t really care about synching the live version…I just want to override it and get back to the savepoint version. Is there a way I can do that? I know that there’s been a lot of changes going in with Bubble, but it’s the first time I’m seeing this one…and I need help.

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