Questions about native apps

Hi there :slight_smile: .
Im building a native apps since weeks already and its going pretty good so far. I had zero knowledge. There are somes stuff i couldnt figure it how to make it work and i tho maybe someones of you would be willing to help!. (Btw im french canadian so sorry for my english :sweat_smile:.)

First , im trying to do a bottom menu a bit like facebook. I want the menu to be at the very bottom and STATIC.

Right now each time im scrolling , the bottom menu is moving too but i rlly want it to be static. Do i have to make it unclikable and on a floathing group? I dont feel like it is correct.

Second , as a native app, im using group to show/hide instead of using « page » is it the correct way ? or should i use floating group and doing it appear « beneath the page »?

I watched alot of bubble tips videos months ago. Maybe i forgot this part. I just know than hiding / showing group instead of « changing page » is a bit of « a pain ».

Third and last ( not really but its gonna be more than enough x) )
When i click on the menu sidebar , is there a way to do show/hide group option instead of going to x page? Or do i really have to do a custom pop pup?

Thank u very much bubblers. :innocent:

Bonjour. Pour le menu du bas, tu dois utiliser un floating group et chosir float to bottom . Tu dois le mettre complètement en bas de la page
Et pour le menu, simplement utilser une action pour toggle ton group de menu qui va s’afficher ou se cacher selon. Assure toi de le mettre au-dessus de tous les autres éléments en utilisant bring to top (plusieurs fois au besoin)

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Coucou! Wow, Deja une reponse et en français en plus! :martinique: ( aucun drapeau quebecois :face_with_monocle:) Je suis dont bin gâtée aha :sweat_smile:. Okidou je vais faire ça ce soire. Merci beaucoup de ton aide :innocent:.

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We use a similar bottom sticking menu for I had to use a floating group as a reusable element otherwise it would keep jumping around on scroll.

Second, showing and hiding groups is the way to go.

We are also converting our app to native ios and android and are building a custom converter for that for a much more affordable price than the current native converters.


Very Nice!. Let Me know when it is ready. I saw than (if my memory is right) do it too. Seems pretty cheap … Like 69$ US for both ios and android? I dont know if it is good tho, Need to do more research about it.

and allright for the hide/show group. It just annoy me cauz it always move stuff accidentally >_<…

Actually i have one question. I found the option weeks ago but cant find it anymore… Any idea how to hide a text if the input isnt filled completely? Or nothing writting at All.?
Not sure if i explain correctly … damn english =D

Like, If i post a picture on facebook without a text, You wont See a Big Empty Space. Only the pictures… Thanks =3