Problem on Floating group child

Hi all,

I found a new error on my app and I don’t understand what alert’s meaning : 56


This means you have a floating group inside another group. Floating groups must be directly on the page, not inside of any other groups.

Mh Okey but this is a reusable element… is this considerate like a “group” ?

Correct. Reusable elements won’t work this way.

But, how to do a menu like that on native app ?

I’ll resist the urge to mention that Bubble doesn’t build native apps (it doesn’t), but you’d likely need to build it as a floating group, and copy-paste it to each page you’re using.

… Is just for an MVP but actually, I thought we could creative a native application. So I understand why this is so hard to do some mobile stuff. There is a way to build WPA with bubble ?

I found another solution : create a floating group on each page and add menu group (re-usable element) inside the proper floating group

That’s work :slight_smile:

Bubble builds web apps. The closest you’ll get to a native app using the Bubble editor is to build the backend logic in Bubble, and the frontend in some other tool or by writing code directly. Anything else is just loading the Bubble web app through a webview. There are several good options for that, but it doesn’t make it a native app. That might be totally fine for you and your use case, I just want everybody to be clear!

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Hello, i’m upping the discussion because i’m having the same issue,
When i select the floating group and make it direct child of the page, it brings me to the page workflow and don’t resolve the issue, what can i do to resolve that ?
Thanks for your help, and excuse me for bad english, not very familiar with it :smiley:

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