Questions regarding implementing Bubble apps in other websites

Curious as to what the process is with the below as never given it much thought before.

Assuming that someone wants you to build an app for their website - something small and/or simple like a bespoke calculator for example. How then would you implement it on their website? Would it be a case of them having a page on their site whereby they point the domain at the bubble app? What if they want the app in a pop-up on their site? Since the underlying code is not available to us, how does that work - or is it the same logic with regards to domains etc?

On the same note, when someone has hired you to build an app for them, once completed how do “handover” work - I would have built the app on my bubble account using my credentials etc, so how do you transfer over to the client such that they are paying for the bubble plan and have ownership over everything else?

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