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As a no-code developer with one year of experience, I’m curious about the experiences of other developers especially those advanced developer with morethan 3 yrs of experience. When initiating the development of a new app for a client, do you find yourself continuously building on your existing knowledge, confidently aware of all processes on how to solve client requirements, or do you still need to review certain procedures? I’d love to hear about your approaches and whether you encounter the need to revisit processes like reading manual, check you tube vidoes or your other finish apps with similar problems, perhaps because you may have forgotten certain details. Please share your insights and experiences

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great list and this would be a big help. but im wondering coz when im building new apps there are instances where I forget certain procedures that I’ve done before. In such cases, I find myself revisiting other apps(basic only) i build before with similar processes as a reference to jog my memory and check how I previously implemented certain aspects. I’m curious to know if other experienced developers also encounter this situation.

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Yeah that’s pretty normal. Even highly experienced native programmers forget how to center a div sometimes :laughing:

Don’t expect to remember everything cause you can’t. Revisiting previous builds or documentations is totally fine, however it’ll be different to when you first came across it. The time horizon to re-learn and build something would be much faster compared to when you have little to no experience.

But if by any chance you forget something after reading it hundreds of times, I would go seek professional help :stethoscope: :laughing:

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If I’ve done it before multiple times it is now muscle memory and I’ll do it faster in my head then the Bubble editor allows me to do it…if I have only done it once or twice, I’ll probably look at the app I’ve done it in before as reference…if I’ve never done it before, I will likely already have 3-4 different ideas of how to implement, then will implement with first idea and check if it works.

I’ve never read it front to back and nobody should. I read it when I need clarification on how something works.

I don’t need to watch them unless it is a new process I have not done before and I don’t want to take the time to figure it out on my own.


I’ve come to realize that what I’m experiencing is a common aspect of the learning curve. While I make an effort to understand the principles underlying how Bubble operates, there are instances where I forget certain details. Despite being able to formulate my own solutions by grasping the principles, I recognize that not all problems can be tackled in isolation. Some require following specific procedures. I used to question if I was learning incorrectly, but now I understand that seeking reference in similar situations is a natural part of the learning journey. How do you, as a developer, navigate through similar challenges and strike a balance between understanding principles and following established procedures


I already understand all the principles, so now it is not about needing to balance between understanding principles. It is only when Bubble releases a new feature that I need to do a quick glance at the feature announcement and then I can utilize it, and if the feature is very unique in it’s newness I might have to read the manual about it.

I’ve been using Bubble since March 2018 and may have been part of establishing some of the procedures that many others now follow, but when it comes to something I’ve never done before, I can look at what others have done and if need be tweak it to make it better.

It seems that to become an advanced developer, exposure to all aspects of the Bubble process is crucial. Immersing oneself in the various facets of Bubble development appears to be a key factor in advancing one’s skills. How do you approach gaining comprehensive exposure to the different processes within Bubble, and what strategies have you found effective in becoming an advanced developer. for me im thinking of building all kinds of apps to gain wide exposure and to speed up my learning.