Quick Word of Warning: Check Your Sitemap Settings? (Bubble Seems to Have Lost Mine at Random)

Just a quick note about a totally random weird thing I observed this afternoon:

Had pushed a bunch of updates to my app this afternoon and, as is my habit, refreshed my sitemap over in Google Search Console. What I found later tonight is that somehow all of my sitemap entries had become unclicked on the Settings > SEO/Metadata tab. (I did not do this.)

I’m sure this is one of those “not particularly reproducible” things, so it’s not (yet) worthy of a formal bug report but FYI, seemingly at random, all the pages I had marked for inclusion in my sitemap had gone from checked to unchecked.

Will be keeping an eye on this to monitor for it happening again, but on the off-chance this is something systemic going on, you might want to check your Sitemap settings and (if you find yours have come unglued as well) report that here if so.

(And yes, my sitemap HAD in fact made itself completely empty. I discovered the settings changes myself as I had gone to Sitemap page to add some new pages I want indexed, but ALSO Google Search Console had an error waiting for me when I went to my sitemap resubmit page there. So it’s a real thing that happened.)


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Thanks for the warning!

Is it possible they got dropped while editing during the outage six days ago?

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