Quiz Maker Form


I’ve embedded a Quiz Maker form into my app. It will be part of my screening process for freelance technology professionals.

At the end of the assessment, I’d like a few things to happen.

  • At the end of the form, when the user is asked to provide their email, that their email from within bubble is automatically filled into the Quiz Maker form and submitted.
  • When the user submits their Quiz Maker quiz, that a button in the bubble app becomes visible.

Can Bubble do something like this?


Depends on the the Quiz Maker does it come with any sort of API? It sounds like it might become pretty complex though it might just be easier to recreate the form on Bubble itself.

You may be right. However, I guess I’m feeling up to the challenge. If it is impossible to do, that is one thing. But if it is possible, I’d at least want to try.

The benefit of using something like Quiz Maker is that for something like a technical assessment, where I’m trying to gauge potential tech support professionals on their basic troubleshooting knowledge, is that if I create a quiz with over 50 questions in total, Quiz Maker can randomize it and only give them 10.

Also, doing this is practice for when I need to integrate my user’s app data with other external things like Checkr for background checks, etc.