Quiz Maker with Leaderboard - Template

Hey everyone,

We’re so happy to announce alt sprint’s Custom Quiz Maker Template with Leaderboard – the ideal solution for crafting, sharing, and managing quizzes seamlessly. Elevate your quiz-making experience with user-friendly features, a powerful Admin Dashboard, and an engaging leaderboard. Whether you’re an educator, trainer, or quiz enthusiast, this template empowers you to build your own quiz app that is powerful, fully editable and responsive.

Key Features:

  1. Dashboard for Quiz Takers:
  • Home: Explore ongoing and completed quizzes.
  • Quizzes: Search and filter based on preference.
  • Reports: View high scores and attempt details.
  • Settings: Personalize profile image and details.
  1. Admin Dashboard:
  • Home: Create, edit, and share quizzes.
  • Reports: Analyze participant activities and stats.
  • Students: Manage participant profiles.
  • Settings: Admin account customization.
  1. Homepage Delight:
  • Explore quiz categories.
  • Access a How-To section for guidance.
  • Seamless navigation with a call to action.
  • Footer with social icons for easy sharing.
  1. Pricing Plans:
  • Have up to three pricing plans to monetize.
  • How to section for Quiz Takers
  1. About Us:
  • Company description for insight.
  • Quiz Maker profile section with images.

Demo Links:

Test Version Credentials:

  • Username: username
  • Password: password

Documentation: For detailed information, refer to our documentation.

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