Radio Button is never invalid

I am trying to create a survey of 50 questions, I am breaking it up in 5 groups of 10 questions. Every question is a radio button with 5 options that have no default values.
I want the user to have feedback after each question is answered (by selecting the radio button option) but this is proving difficult for me. I thought I would be able to change a state using “Radio Button’s Value is Valid” based on the documentation

When an input is empty and shouldn’t be, it is marked as invalid by Bubble.
Input Forms - Bubble Docs

However, I’ve added a workflow, and the radio button always evaluates to valid before the user enters anything.

How can I dynamically change the styling of elements in the screen as the user selects a response to each radio button?

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For Bubble, the input will be invalid when it should not be empty (as marked by you) and you try to run a workflow that make references to this input’s value. In this case, the workflow will not be played and the input will be red, to sinalize that there is an error.

What you should do is, when the user presses the button, you run a workflow to check if the input value is iqual to the answer of the provided question. Can you share with us your workflow? It will be easier to assist you!

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Hi @rpetribu ,

**** Update ****
I used the Is Not Empty option and this worked.
**** thanks for your help****

Thanks for your response, but, you can’t run a “When an element is clicked” workflow from a Radio button.

I don’t have any workflow to share, unfortunately. My goal is to change the style of one of the elements next to the radio button to indicate to the user they have answered the question. I was doing this with a state before, but it has logical issues as well.

As you can see, there is no way to change the state of this rectangle based on the radio button being selected. My Radio button options are -2,-1,0,1,2. I have no default value, and even things like Value < 3, Value > -3, or value <3 and >-3 don’t work.
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I was talking about your “Submit Number” button. Do you prefere to run your workflow after the users clicks the submit button or when he clicks the radio button?

Ah, no, I don’t want it on Submit, I want it after the user clicks the radio button. See Guideline #1 here - How to Report Errors in Forms: 10 Design Guidelines

To trigger your workflow after the user click in your radio button you can use the trigger “An input’s value is changed”, and select your radio button, it works as a input field. :+1:


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