Store the VALUE of the Radio selected in the DB

I built a small app that uses Radio buttons in one of the forms. Whenever I delete one of the items from my radio button (dynamically pulled from a table called “Tags”), the corresponding value is also removed from my “Wins” table as well. I assume because a pointer to the “Tag” is being stored in “Wins” and not the actual value of the chosen radio selected itself.

Question: How to store the VALUE of the radio button selected in the Wins table and have the value stored so that if I edit/delete the original radio button from my “Tags” table, the original value is still kept in place.

Hopefully the short video here will help you see what I mean:

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I figured it out, thanks to ChatGPT. Basically:

  1. Create a second column in my data table called “text of the radio” or whatever

  2. Go into Workflow, find the button that triggers the “save form” event, and then add a new step and for “Things to change” choose “Results of Step x” (x being the step that saved to the Wins table) and then set the value of the above new column (text of the radio) to the value of the radio button…

Sorry, not well explained. Pic below for help:


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