Is anyone else having "Temporary bug" issues with Stripe currently?

I’m experiencing problems with Stripe at the moment using the Bubble Plugin. If I try to transfer funds to a user I receive in my Marketplace App I get a message saying “Sorry, this seller cannot accept payments right now due to a temporary error. Please try again later”. If I try to register a user as a seller I get a message saying “Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and cannot complete your request…please try again in a bit”.

I don’t know if this is just my app/account and that something I’ve done is causing it but I’ve checked everything I can think of including all my API keys etc but nothing has changed.

I’ve got an urgent ticket in with Stripe but haven’t heard anything. This has been going on for days so I can’t believe it’s a generic Stripe thing.

Does anyone have any experience of these errors. I’ve read other experiences on this forum and on other forums as well as other support sites but nothing has resolved this. If anyone has any suggestions as to what might cause this that I can correct, if indeed, it is at my app’s end, I’d be very glad to hear them.

Many thanks in advance

What do the stripe logs say?

Almost nothing. Just a load of stuff I don’t understand and from several hours before I got the message.
Here’s a screenshot of it…means nothing to me. The message pops up instantaneously when I press the “Register User” to run the workflow…

I’ve just spoken to Stripe and had it confirmed that the error message doesn’t come from them and that they’ve escalated this to quite a high level to work out where the screenshot of the error came from and have confirmed it’s not one of theirs. This is the error…
error screenshot

I just don’t know what to do to get past this so any advice would be very welcome

I would be able to jump on a call with you later this evening if that works for you. Just to have a look and understand the issue a bit more.

No problem. That’s really kind. Let me know what time suits you and I’ll be there. I have to go and pick someone up at 8pm though so can’t do later than that I’m afraid.

Do you work for Bubble?

I don’t have a marketplace app, and don’t have any functionality like what you’ve described, but I too am having Stripe issues this morning. Something seems to be going on, maybe with the Bubble Stripe Plugin.

  • When I subscribe as a User in my web-app, I’m not getting the Stripe Customer ID saved…all other data is saved as expected, but with the Stripe Customer ID not being saved it’s causing issues for anything else Stripe-related for the User.

Hopefully Bubble and/or Stripe gets this resolved soon. I’ll keep digging around to see if I find any useful info.

That’s interesting. Thanks Daniel. Hopefully it turns out to be a bug that goes away very soon.

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There is actually a Stripe outage I believe - In my enterprise software apps outside of Bubble, we are getting red flags all over the board for our webhooks… So this may not be a Bubble issue!


Joe, I just figured out my issue was on my end. In preparation for my upcoming launch I had recently reviewed all of my Privacy rules, and I had removed access for Users to view their Social Network field because I thought I didn’t need it.

I found it needed to be available for Users, however, because Bubble bundles some Stripe customer data to that field.
From the Bubble documentation:
"Privacy rules currently bundle certain fields under “Social Networks,” including Stripe customer data. If you would like to get the customer ID and subscription information, this field will need to be enabled. "

Once I checked that box for Users to view, my issue was resolved.
Hope you get yours figured out soon.

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That’s cool. I had a very helpful call with @nocodeventure who identified my issue too.

My issues was that I was entering data directly into the business data fields while Registering the User as a Seller. What I needed to do was to add them to the database using a "Make a change to a thing " and add them to the User’s record in the User table and then populate them straight from that table. I don’t know why that is better but that particular issue has now gone so I’m grateful.
I’m now simply trying to fathom out why no user can accept payments apparently due to another “temporary bug”…


Ahh, well, good to hear you got the first one figured out! Bummer that you’ve got another one! That’s how it always goes :sweat_smile:

Good luck, and maybe you can resolve it in a similar way as the first one. If not, maybe check your Privacy settings on those tables.