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Random Words from list Generation


I have a user type with a “Combination” text field, I then have a Misc data type that has a field which is a list of texts (I don’t think this is the best way to do it so up to hear your solution) I would like to have an algorithm of some sort that can create a unique random list of 3 items like this: “Item 1, Item 2, Item 3” it will choose a random word from the list of texts for each item number however there can’t be more than 1 of the same word in the list and also I need it to check whether another user has that same combination in the string of “Item 1, Item 2, Item 3” if another user already has that combination then it needs to go through the code again until it’s fully unique and then after that it needs to update it to the current user.

I hope you understand what I need and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this…

@battlexgenerations – did you ever get this resolved? I have a similar need.


The question is a bit complicated, as not sure about your exact requirement. But I was also looking for words list randomizing option and found this 3rd party tool:
Or try any other tool that fulfills your requirements. Such tools can help you to generate a randomized list according to their algorithm. I hope it will work for you.