Randomly match two users for every 10 seconds

Hey Bubblers,
I’m a newbie at Bubble and trying to create a dating application - more like instant dating application. Application will randomly match two people in every 10 seconds and if they both say yes, it will be a match. Then, they have 3 min video chat time to decide whether they will continue their date or not.

I know how I can show current user, lets say user1, to another random current user, lets say user2. However, I couldn’t figure out how I can assure user2 will also see the user1 at the same time on the app for that specific 10 seconds period - after 10 seconds whether they’ll be on video chat or see another random user. From the coding perspective, I think it can be better not to save data on DB for the speed of app. I’m getting active users, by saving the time every 30 seconds.

I also need your advice about how I should set up the overall system.


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