Rating system using social media

Hi guys I have an idea I want to stress test with Bubble. I’m keen to create a ‘rating system’ by using existing social media profiles. Eg - If there were real estate agents on Linkedin, I want users to be able to copy and paste the linkedin profile links of real estate agents, and rate them based on a criteria.
Process Breakdown:

  1. User (pre-logged in via linkedin/facebooke etc) deals with a real estate agent. Likes their service. Finds them on Linkedin, copies their linkedin profile
  2. Pastes it in the input box (which then stores the details of the link)
  3. Rates real estate agent based on their feedback and saves.
  4. Rating gets collated against the link (i.e. if 10 people with the same link rate this, the ratings then get collated).

The idea is that this will then collate to give a holistic view of that particular profile/ person. Reason for this is to give the power to buyers/ sellers to rate, and not really require real estate agents to ‘sign up and create a profile’ for them to be rated. Feel like the platform would be much more powerful with unsolicited feedback (both good + bad). ANy thoughts at a high level if this is capable within Bubble? Just going through and learning the basic concepts at the moment but wanted to see any high level thoughts. Keen to engage a freelancer to help out (where I do 50-75% of the work but have adhoc help where required. Thanks!

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Hey @kevin_sampath

Sounds like an interesting idea. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be possible to be honest, it could take a bit of setup if you want to pull data from Linkedin for each agent but even so, it would be feasable.

I wish I could take part but I’m booked atm. All the best with this project!