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Re-calibrating screen height


I think this has been discussed before, but here is a thought:

So - lets say my page height is 640.
I show a group that contains a “stretch to fit” (picture, text etc)
My page height then stretches to ex. 970

Then when I hide the group (that has been stretched); the effect is still there and my page is stuck at 970 height for a while. This is an issue when the UI is designed in the context of 640 height.

So my thought is this:

A default backend functions that says something like
"When a group that contains an element, with “stretch to fit” = yes - gets hidden > revert to original page height (variable)"

Not a huge issue; as there are likely some work arounds + few users suffering from the issue.


  • Jordan
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hi, I’ve been trying to find how can the page height strech when the user clicks an icon?

The way this would work is not this logic. Instead, you would say “when the user clicks on an icon, show an element” and if that elements makes the page higher, it will happen automatically.


thanks for the answer but the page height stays the same even when the element becomes visible