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Hi everybody;

I have a single page app with repeating groups displaying all the data. One repeating group is taller than the others and after that page has been displayed, the site itself does not shrink back to accommodate the shorter repeating groups and I wonder if there is a way to get the page to shrink back to the regular size?

Here is the link to the site:

click on “gas”

click on “$100”

click on any image you choose
now notice how the page increases in height

click on “pre-pay now”
now notice how the page does not shrink back to the original size to fit the new repeating group

Any ideas on how to fix that would be appreciated ("collapse when hidden is not an option/does not work).

Thank you so much.

Hey @leslie.nagy ! Have you tried putting the pesky repeating group into a standard group, and with that, having access to the “Collapse this elements height…” option?

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I had the same problem, and “collapse group height when hidden” does not work for me, so I’m not able to create dynamic pages

Thank you for that - that is a wild idea!!

Would I keep the footer at the same place but just increase the height of the page? wild! I will play around with that…thanks again

Great idea, thank you, I will give that a shot!

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Footer at the bottom.

I actually just implemented this on an app I’m working on and it works perfectly.

Thanks for your suggestions everybody, problem solved using groups!

Now on to the next thing…


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